The Butcherlady's Workshop

What is it that you desire, dear Hunter?

Bloodborne is one of my all time favourite games. As an Artist and Game Dev, I've decided to challenge myself and bring some items to real life and feel a bit closer to Yharnam, its madness and gothic beauty. It took me over one year to accomplish it, and now you can get yourself an invitation to visit this world too.

**BEFORE YOU BUY, please read this!**

Each item is handmade, which means:

- The store will be open for a limited time, PRE-ORDER from 23th April to 10th May, or until the number of orders I can take for now is reached.

- I need some time to print, glue, pack and post. I'm just one person. Please be patient :)

- Shipping will start at May 15th 2019.

- Don't forget to add the name you want written on the invitation. Offensive names will be replaced with "Hunter". Don't insist.

- Use a valid e-mail so I can send your tracking number or get in touch if there's a problem. 

- There can be small visual differences between the invitations. Once again, they're all handmade, the only machine involved is probably my printer.

- Once you receive the tracking number, there'll be no refunds unless proven that your package didn't arrive at the destination. Please, be honest.

About the Butcherlady

Camila Torrano,

shop owner

Hello! I'm Camila Torrano, Visual Artist in real life, a "hoonter" (like Eilleen) in my dreams. I've worked for games, done illustrations for books and published some comics which even got me an award! Terror, body horror and monsters are my passion, combined with studying human anatomy and the strange history of Surgery (Medicine).